200 Arcade Tokens for Ultracombo Pass holders as compensation for tech issues

Hello everyone! The start of the Arcade ULTRACOMBO event had some bumps in the road and this has been something to learn from. We identified what was causing those issues and resolved them as soon as we could but obviously that's only half of the picture. As we promised in a previous post, we also wanted to look into ways that'd help make up to those of you that have purchased the Arcarde Ultracombo Pass and were unable to earn tokens during the shaky days. In order to make up for the Server Instability issues on EUW and the Missions Issues on EUNE we have granted all pass owners 200 Arcade Tokens. These tokens have been automatically added to all pass owners' inventories as of this morning (23rd of July) Thank you for bearing with us through these incidents, and see you all on the Rift!
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