Heads-up: your client now shows news more relevant to your location!

Hey folks! We’ve been working on some client changes for players on EUW and EUNE that we wanted to give you a heads-up about. When you log into your client after updating to patch 7.23 you’ll notice that the content you’ll see in the Overview and News tabs is in your local language, but your client and game is still in your preferred language. So why did we make this change? We know many of you would rather play League in a different language other than your local language, whether that’s because you prefer the voiceovers, are trying to learn the language, or many other reasons. In the past, this created some issues; before this update, the client overview and news tabs were also directly tied to the language you chose to play in. This meant, for example, French players who wanted to play League in English would only see English content, which often contained news or events only applicable to UK players. The more relevant French content, however, was tied to the French client, meaning French players would totally miss out on lots of content created for French players. With this update LCU becomes location aware, so now you’ll be able to enjoy the English VO etc. while seeing news and content that’s much more relevant to where you are at that moment. You can change this at any time by going to the client’s options, and using the news language dropdown to select whichever language you prefer. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback, we’ll be checking back in frequently! {{champion:432}}

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