Issues with ranked games not recording LP changes

Hey everyone, As some of you may have experienced - we have recently been having issues with LP not being recorded after games (win or loss), resulting in you not receiving or losing LP after. We have implemented a temporary fix to mitigate this issue, however the core of the problem is more complex and requires some reworking, as well as extended platform downtime to resolve. > ** What about our lost LP? Will we get that back? ** At this time we are unable to adjust LP manually due to the complexity involved - there are a lot of moving parts involved in the ranked systems, and adjusting a number (LP in this case) causes issues elsewhere. This means we cannot restore the LP that was not granted correctly from affected games. > ** Why not disable ranked? ** While this was an option, this impacted a small number of games compared to the overall amount of games being played - and disabling ranked would result in a much worse experience for such an extended timeframe - and this close to end of season. Neither option was particularly great, but it was decided to leave ranked on and allow 99% of games to complete as expected, rather than take down ranked 100%. > ** When will this issue be fully fixed? ** Right now we have no ETA, however as mentioned this is most likely going to result in an extended platform downtime to fix - so we will be trying to do this off peak (early morning CEST) where the impact will be lowest. > ** Will the ranked season be extended? ** We cannot adjust the ranked season this close to end - a lot of dates and timeframes are reliant on end of season happening as advertised, and adjusting one part results in adjusting the rest - this means delaying rewards, preseason, start of next season - some pretty impactful things in themselves. We know this isn't great news but wanted to communicate with you guys as soon as possible, as clearly as possible - around where we're at, what we're doing, and the decisions we've made. We'll communicate further once we have a full fix in place, and will be working to make the ranked system more resilient to avoid such issues in the future.
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