[UPDATE 26-01-16 EUW/EUNE] Dynamic Queue system re-enabled

**UPDATE: 26/01 6:00 GMT:** We've re-enabled New Champion Select for both Ranked and Draft. We'll be keeping a close eye on the queues throughout the day. Thank you for being patient and please let us know if you encounter any issues. **TL;DR Dynamic queue was disabled because of a load issue, Solo/Duo Ranked is temporarily re-enabled, and all matches played in this mode still count towards your future Dynamic ranking.** Earlier today, we saw an issue on EUW that required us to disable the dynamic queue system. This was due to an issue with player load on the servers. This has also affected the KR server in a similar way. As a result of this, all ranked modes based on the dynamic queuing system were disabled and remained down while we continued to investigate. When deciding on a course of action we had two options: **a)** Leave ranked disabled until the issue was resolved **b)** Re-enable the previous Ranked Solo/Duo queue We chose option b) because we wanted to ensure that those of you who enjoy ranked could still play your placement matches. As we did not have a clear ETA on a fix, we proceeded to re-enable Ranked Solo/Duo until the issue is resolved. **What does this mean for your placements and rating? ** Any games played on the currently available solo/duo queue system will count towards your placements and ranking when the new system is back up. For example, if you already played 2 games before the issues began in Dynamic Draft and 6 more in Solo Queue, you’d have 8 games played - and these all count towards your placements. **Why are other regions not affected? ** Before we introduced this feature, we used a simulated environment to load test the entire system. Live implementation was first conducted on TR and NA with no major glitches. However, some subsystems of the dynamic queues didn’t scale up correctly when running on a larger live environment. **What are the next steps? ** Our engineers are actively working to fix and re-enable dynamic queues in EUW. As of now we have no ETA but our tech teams will provide an update when we have more information to share. Thank you for your patience. **UPDATE:** To answer a question some of you may have regarding** Party Rewards**, a several day event that offers bonus IP for playing with friends. We're holding this event back for EUW until issues are resolved. Once Dynamic Queues are back we'll look to enable Party Rewards and make sure that players on EUW have the same amount of time to earn IP with friends.
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