04-01-2018 - Boards Changes (Retiring Boards + Voting/Sorting Changes!)

Hey guys! Some relatively minor changes overall here, but as always - open to feedback and discussion! We've decided to retire (at least temporarily) some boards/links that weren't needed or weren't getting much use, as well as adjustments to sorting and voting. Longer term we're going to be reviewing voting even further, and deciding which type of voting is best for each board (enabled/disabled/upvote only). The list of changes: ##Boards/Links Removed: - Removed "Battlegrounds" board due to low traffic - Removed "Community Events Finder", as it's literally in the top navigation bar :-P - "Client Discussion" has been archived for EUW, and instead redirects to the NA boards. ##Voting Changes: - Disabled Voting in "Teams, Clubs & Tournaments" - not really a place for voting ^_^ - Bug Reports downvoting is disabled. - Helps us to see upvoted bugs, downvoting doesn't help much - why downvote a bug? ^_^ - Removed "Best" sorting category for homepage and most sub boards - Exceptions: "Creations & Concepts" and "Streams & Videos". - Reason for this is that over the years "Best" has become very stale due to a snowball effect - once posts hit "best" it's very uncommon they would be replaced, and it just ended up as a useless sorting) ##Renames: - Renamed "Teams & Clubs" to "Teams, Clubs & Tournaments" - When Tournaments return/are launched fully, we may consider a full subboard for this, but for now it makes sense under Teams & Clubs as it's recruitment-esque ^_^
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