[EUNE] Update on Spectator service not working properly

Hey Players, I want to give you a quick update on the latest issues related to EUNE Spectator grid service. The root cause behind it not working properly within last week is the failure of one of the network devices in our Frankfurt data center. The good news is that this failure is not related to the game traffic, so all of the games are functioning properly. Last night we attempted to fix the stability of this particular device (which also services Replay system, so it didn't work properly for some hours early morning today), but we have noticed, that some physical parts need to be replaced in order to ensure the smooth work in the future. Parts have been ordered (they are pretty rare) and we're going to schedule an additional maintenance to complete the works. In the meantime, we did our best to bring the Spectator back online and right now the grid is operational. Please stay tuned for future updates, we're going to need an additional maintenance slot to bring back the full functionality.
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