Further Boards Changes - 16-Jan-2018 - Voting and colours!

Hey everyone! Hot off the press changes from our volunteers! You may recognise these if you are about the NA boards, but we also added some European customisations and flair to them. :-) Shoutout again to our volunteers (globally! From NA to OCE to EU, they've all been working together on these) for their adjustments and implementation: > ~~Man's~~ Thread's not hot Previously a single upvote or downvote would swing the colors from neutral to red to green. We now have a little more of a "fluid" approach, and colours will progress depending on how many votes (Green = plenty of votes, red = plenty of downvotes) > "In response to what?" The "in response to" in-line indicator will now show if the previous comment has been deleted, making it a little easier to understand why you're not getting anything back. > Where'd all the wrenchmen go? Changed the colour of users that weren't in a volunteer group to be a little less...wrenchmanny. > OP Who? OP You! The "OP" indicator was a little difficult to see - this has been made clearer! As before these changes are very much in testing, and will be implemented slowly. Until we're 100% happy, we'll continue making tweaks and changes that we'll apply to different boards as we see fit - so some boards may not quite match up :-) Edit: We're also aware of a few issues - icons are clipping a little bit, and some fonts are mismatched. We'll fix these in the future, but nothing should be broken! :-)
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