Further Boards Changes - 16-August-2018 - Color Scheme, Votes and Parity, oh my!

Hey all! You may have noticed the fresh new lick of paint we've just seen on boards, very similar to that of the NA boards. That's because we've now updated to be in parity, thanks to the Volunteers (and special shoutout to Wuks from the NA boards!) The main changes are: #Visual: - New lick of paint, and consistent across all boards. Technical Support/Bug Reports no longer looks a bit out of place! #Voting: - Hovering over votes now breaks down the amount of upvotes/downvotes a post/topic has. - Votes now show clearer with colours! #Other stuff! - If you get a notification, a red banner will show to make it clearer. (Most people won't see this, but it's there! ^_^) - There's now a scrollbar in topic edits (we missed you, scrollbar) - Profiles should now autosync, preventing players needing to contact support or make a post to get their level updated. There's a lot of other behind the scenes changes that help make life easier from this end too, but that's the majority of changes you guys will see. ^_^ #Known Issues: - Volunteer colors and badges are intermittent. We're working on that - contrary to what you might think, we haven't just stripped everyone of their titles :-P
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