Boards Changes - Upcoming and Current

Hey guys! Some of you may have already noticed a few changes in the "Technical Support" board - basically we're testing some pretty nifty modifications that the Volunteers have put together. We've worked with Volunteers from NA and locally to create some pretty awesome tweaks to boards usability, and will be working further to test new changes and overall improve things :-) Current changes to (some) boards include: - Changes to the stylesheets. This may be edited over the coming weeks to try out a few different things, so be sure to let us know what you like/dislike ^_^ - Votes returned to the homescreen! We've disabled the ability to vote on the homescreen, but now you can see the votes ^_^ They'll also have the pretty green/red depending on up/downvote! Also, a line to the left to show you which thread you've voted in, and how. Nifty, eh? - (Chronological View) In Response to header. Ever get confused following a thread in chronological view? NO LONGER! See what a post was in response to with a handy dandy link/dropdown: - Easier to view titles for volunteers and Rioters, and highlighted posts. While there's always been a certain level of visibility, we thought we could do a bit more to make these posts stick out if you're looking for them in a particular thread, and making it clearer who is what (IE: NOC Technician!) **Note:** These changes are being tested and slowly rolled out and edited - as such you may see a little inconsistency in which boards have it, and which do not. This is expected while we iron out any issues and make changes to get everything settled - especially based on your feedback! Once again I want to highlight these are all volunteer mods - the guys have pulled out all the stops to try to make your boards experience more enjoyable, so a big GG to those guys!
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