Mandatory Email Verification

If you don't have access to the unverified email against your account, ~~you goofed~~ you should [contact support]( for assistance in moving your account over to an email you have access to :-) While this is a fairly early pilot, expect this to hit more accounts over the coming weeks - your account security is important and a verified email is the first step in ensuring your account is secure! ^_^ > [{quoted}](name=W4terboy,realm=NA,application-id=cBWEdEZ4,discussion-id=aAVJiLXh,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-09T22:54:22.154+0000) > > Hey All, > > A few months back we announced [our plans]( to roll out mandatory email verification later this year. > > There was an initial grace period, where players without a verified email address were notified of the upcoming need to verify through a pop-up message in game. We are now transitioning from that optional notification to mandatory verification, which means you will need to have a verified email before you are able to continue playing the game. > > The primary intention for this is to provide better account security as well as to unlock future functionality like multifactor authentication and automated account recovery. > > To make sure the process is as smooth as possible, we will be rolling out mandatory verification for a test group of players in NA/EUW/EUNE while the remaining unverified players will continue to see the optional notification. Once we've confirmed the initial tests work, we will expand the test group until it becomes mandatory for all NA/EUW/EUNE players.
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