[23-06-17] Issues with Bulgaria and surrounding regions

#Update: 22:58 CEST We've just turned down our peering in BIX - this may result in slightly increased ping and less stable connection than normal, but hopefully will mitigate these recent issues. Please let us know if this has improved any! Edit: At this point we're considering the major issue mitigated - if you're still experiencing problems, please [contact support](https://support.leagueoflegends.com) for one to one assistance where they can work directly on your issue. --- Original post: Hi everyone, Following on from [this thread](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/Uv6mc3w3-league-client-stuck-on-authenticating), we're aware of and continuing to investigate issues with Bulgaria and some surrounding countries experiencing issues with League of Legends right now. This includes: - Long login/authentication times - Being disconnected from the client - Being disconnected from champion select - "Lag" ingame (most likely due to packet loss) We believe the issue lies within Bulgaria Internet Exchange and traffic being routed through there to us - resulting in packet loss. This is not all ISP's or all traffic from surrounding countries, but we're aware a large amount of players are experiencing these issues. Our Riot Direct engineering team are investigating, and we're continue to triage to determine this is definitely the cause of your issues, as well as how best to mitigate it. We'll keep you posted here with further information as it becomes available. Unfortunately for now there is no easy workaround beyond using a VPN or something similar to reroute traffic.
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