ARURF Enabled for the Remainder of the Weekend

Hey guys, We are extremely aware that a lot of you were not only super hyped for Clash, but went out of your way to arrange plans and a weekend with friends and teammates - plans which fell through due to the technical issues we had with Clash. Clash remains a top priority for us, and we have teams continuing to work to resolve the issues we experienced yesterday. That being said... While not quite the Clash experience and far from competitive, we wanted to give you guys something else to enjoy over the weekend - and the numerous variations of URF are by far the most popular modes we have ready and can offer at the moment. ARURF is live **now**, so feel free to hop into client and spam some abilities! Heads up: There are likely gonna be bugs and some weird interactions as we haven’t had a huge amount of time to test on this patch, so we might be disabling some runes and champs pretty early on. We’ll have more information regarding the next steps for Clash in the coming days.
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