[RESOLVED] [EUNE/EUW] 08-02-18 - Platform Issues

> #Update 9: [EUW/EUNE] Missions returned to service Overnight we pushed a fix for the issues we've been experiencing with missions. We'll be keeping an eye throughout the day but for now, missions should be working as intended :-) > #Update 8: [EUW] Platform Reopening Hey guys, We're just finishing up some last checks and opening EUW up for logins - you should be able to get back into the game within the next few minutes! Thanks again for your patience during this outage! > #Update 7: [EUW] Platform Restart Update: Unfortunately we're unable to recover the platform at this point for EUW - we're going to have to perform the platform restart we were hoping to avoid. ETA is around 45 minutes (that can be variable, but just to give a rough idea). Again we're sorry about this guys, we tried to avoid this one but the platform is too unstable to continue through to an off-peak timeframe :-( Players will be disconnected from the platform and unable to log in until we've completed our restart and maintenance tasks. > #Update 6: [EUW] Lingering issues We're aware of the lingering response time issues in EUW, and are looking at ways to mitigate this without a full platform restart (if we can avoid it). We are disabling ranked and enabling loss prevented once again while we look into clearing up these issues. > #Update 5: (Returned to service) Hey guys! As mentioned previously, within the next few minutes both EUW and EUNE will be returned to service without missions, and we'll be tackling this missions issue as a matter of priority. Thank you all for your patience, and apologies once more for the unexpected downtime. Please let us know if you encounter any further issues or see recurrence of these symptoms! > #Update 4: 20:25 GMT (21:25 CEST) Hey guys, We're just confirming a few things, but essentially we believe we've tracked the issue down to the extremely high load during peak time coupled with a bug in missions (the same one that caused us to turn off the First Win of the Day). We'll be returning both EUW and EUNE to service with missions disabled entirely. While this obviously isn't great (Shiny lunar revel missions!) we'd prefer this over the potential of this issue recurring at a later point (most likely tomorrow during peak). On the side we'll be working on a fix for the bug and testing/deploying that before re-enabling missions. > #Update 3: 19:55 GMT (20:55 CEST) We are preparing to perform an emergency restart for EUW also. Right now we're seeing the same symptoms propogate - we're continuing some final attempts to avoid a restart for EUW but right now we're preparing for this worst-case scenario. EUNE platform is currently restarting - once back up again we will perform a QA loop to ensure services are back to stable before opening the platform to logins. > #Update 2: 19:36 GMT (20:36 CEST) EUNE: At this point we are going to perform an emergency platform restart. While this is normally a last resort for us, due to the instability large portions of the platform are impacted and individually triaging is proving difficult. All players will momentarily be kicked from the platform, and it will be set to offline. We'll update as we progress. EUW: We are continue to investigate EUW in hopes of avoiding a similar situation as it is not yet as far progressed as EUNE. > #Update 1: Issues are showing on EUW also, post updated to reflect both shards. Hey everyone, We are currently investigating the following issues: - Missions are not progressing, or not showing whatsoever - Platform instability resulting in issues such as: -- Unable to log in -- Large login queues -- Unable to queue/click "play" -- Unable to accept ready checks (Note the above list isn't exhaustive, but generally just the inability to queue/create lobbies/make it into a game due to timeouts) We'll update here once we have any further information - for now ranked will remain disabled on both servers until the platform issues have been resolved, and loss prevented is enabled.
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