[EUNE] Ranked Flex Temporarily Unavailable

Hey guys, We're aware of an issue in certain regions that has caused players to be placed in a much higher division than originally intended. While this is only impacting a small number of players, we wanted to take some time to address this sooner rather than later for both competitive integrity reasons, and to avoid further players being impacted going forward. We estimate the fix to be complete in the coming hours - we'll have more information on the experience for those impacted players shortly, but most likely you would be aware if you're impacted due to placing higher than you should have. Apologies for the unexpected downtime of the ranked flex queue! Edit: Fix has been pushed, and Ranked Flex is re-enabled. We'll update this thread at a later point with information on the experience for impacted players, however there should be no more unexpectedly high placements :-)

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