[EUNE/EUW] November Clash Test Update

Hey guys, First of all, we want to thank everyone who took time from their days to help us break Clash. We… kinda succeeded? A majority of games successfully played out, but that wasn’t the experience for everyone. For EU, we have a few problem points we still need to address. Here’s an update from Sunday’s regional tests in EUW and EUNE: > # **Stuck in champ select** We ran into server capacity issues and this caused an issue that made games get stuck at 0 seconds in champ select. This can occur for a few reasons, but this was primarily due to some limitations we've put in to stop game servers being overwhelmed. Basically, to add another layer of protection against all games starting at once and having a spike of requests, we've intentionally added some delays on the backend when things get busy. In theory, combined with the new staggered scouting phase, this should prevent a lot of these issues. Unfortunately, we still experienced server capacity issues with the sheer volume of games trying to start. > # **Store/loot slowdown** For EUNE, we saw a visual loot error - basically it made it look like you received nothing from your Clash Orb (when you actually did!). If you got an orb, and are sure you didn’t receive anything, please hit up [Player Support](https://support.leagueoflegends.com). > # **What's happening next?** In the short term, we’re going to continue addressing issues to improve stability. We’re building out more game server capacity in EUW. We’ll also be making sure that we build out more infrastructure for Clash in general, and we also want to run a bigger beta when we feel confident in the improvements we’re working on.
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