25-10-18 - Some rune pages reset due to issues

Hey all, We experienced some issues on 25-10-2018 which resulted in issues such as showing 0 RP/BE, being unable to access emotes, store, loot, and general "inventory/store/loot" service issues. This issue has been corrected and all owned content remains, however unfortunately due to this service issue some Rune Page configurations may have been reset. #**Please check your Rune Page setup before entering champion select, or you may find you need to set them up in a hurry!** You will still own the full amount of Rune Pages you have purchased, however the configurations may be missing. Essentially during the issue some clients may have saved a blank or adjusted config if you set up new rune pages at the time. Apologies for the extended ranked downtime caused by this issue and the inconvenience of potentially having to set up your rune pages again.
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