[EUNE[ Normal Draft 24/7 Trial for Patch 8.13

Hey All! Starting with patch 8.13, we'll be enabling Normal Draft in EUNE on a 24/7 Schedule. Initially, Normal Draft was removed entirely from EUNE due to unhealthy queue times. After some queue improvements as well as re-evaluation of the information we had, we turned it back on for 12 hours daily to prevent the long queue times during off peak, but to sustain the healthier queue times during more peak times. We're now looking to re-evaluate the queue health during those times, so for the patch 8.13 cycle (3 weeks), we'll be enabling it permanently. At the end of the 3 week cycle, we'll be evaluating the data gathered and making an informed decision on how to progress from there. This may result in 24/7 queues going forward, or going back to windowed with adjusted window times - it all depends on how healthy the queue times and matchmaking quality are over the coming weeks. So, with that being said, we hope you'll make the most out of this trial period, and we'll share our findings with you in 3 weeks or so! Good luck on the rift! ^_^
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