[EUW/EUNE] Ranked Disabled due to stability issues

Update: While we continue to work on the underlying hardware issues, we've restored most services and re-enabled ranked queues. We'll continue to monitor, however we do not anticipate any further impact at this time. Thank you for your patience! Hey guys, **tl;dr: We've disabled ranked queues on EUW and EUNE, and open parties on EUW. For EUW, you may need to relog to be able to queue. Further context below**. We're experiencing issues in one of our datacenters that hosts some shared services for all European regions. Due to this, some of our services are running in a degraded or outage state - this includes: - Runes - Parties We have disabled ranked queues as there's a chance you will be unable to change your runes correctly - which obviously makes for a pretty bad game experience. On top of this, we have disabled Open Parties and other parties features until we can assure stability. If you were unable to queue on EUW, you should now be able to (you may need to log out and back in again). We're continuing to work on restoring full service at this time.
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