[UPDATE] Delay in patch 8.6 rollout due to issues

Update: We have tentatively scheduled the patch for +24 hours (22/03/18 - 02:30 GMT for EUW, and 22/03/18 - 00:30 CET for EUNE) We will update if there are any further revisions or changes to the scheduled, but right now this is hopefully our final changes :-) Hey guys! We're working on updating our messaging to reflect this, however patch 8.6 is currently delayed due to issues found in Oceania and Japan as part of the deploy. Currently we are working on a fix, however have no solid ETA. We'll update our messaging on the [Service Status Page](https://status.leagueoflegends.com) once we have a new timeframe, but this will be **at least** 24 hours, potentially longer. Transfers to and from Oceania/Japan to other regions will fail during this time due to mismatched patch versions. We hope this doesn't delay your 8.6 hype too much, but wanted to give you guys a heads up as soon as possible!

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