EUNE platform migration maintenance (25.08.2016)

Hello Players, Last week we announced the upcoming EUNE platform migration ([Link to the web article]( )) and we can now confirm, that the maintance will occur on: **Thursday, 25.08.2016, starting from 1am CEST (GMT+2)*** The maintenance can take up to 12 hours and during this time the EUNE environment will be unavailable. We might finish a bit earlier, but in the worst case scenario you should be good to login to EUNE's new home at 1pm UTC/GMT. Please keep checking our Status page for more frequent updates. Ranked queues will be disabled a bit earlier to let you complete League games before the maintenance start time. * This is 1am in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and 2am in Romania and Greece. **22.08.2016 Update** - We have disabled Region Transfers in preparation for the upcoming maintenance. We're in the middle of large data migration and changing game environments would make our preparation harder. Transfers will be back up after maintenance is completed. **24.08.2016 Update** - Just a confirmation, that we're all good to go for tomorrow night. Processes are in place, teams are ready and it's worth to mention, that there are over 60 different subsystems to migrate. Please expect standard messaging during the maintenance and many more details as we progress closer to opening servers up. **25.08.2016, 7.15am Update** - We just crossed the 6-hour mark and the maintenance is progressing as planned. At this point the 12-hour duration is not at risk. I will keep you informed once we enter the final maintenance stage. **25.08.2016, 9.30am Update** - Servers are now open, log in and play! At this point we left Store disabled as we're finishing up with some new settings, but all other subsystems are a GO. Let us know your feedback.
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