Normal Draft Returns to EUNE

Hi all, **TL;DR** - We are re-enabling Normal Draft on EUNE between the hours of **12 P.M. CET (Noon) and 12 A.M. CET (Midnight)** from Friday, February 10th. Based on match quality and queue times in the coming weeks we will evaluate if the queue is healthy enough to maintain. >**SUPER IMPORTANT** Everyday, you'll see "DRAFT PICK" available in your client from Midday until Midnight (12:00 to 23:59). These are the peak times that we feel the queue can operate well in. We will TURN THE QUEUE OFF at night, from 00:00 to 11:59. This means you **won't see the queue in your client** until the next day. **Why did we turn Normal Draft off?** At the start of preseason we enabled Flex alongside Solo/Duo queue. In a few regions including EUNE where queue health did not appear sustainable, we disabled Normal Draft. Based on the information we had at the time, which showed that having all three queues active (Normal Draft, Ranked Flex and Ranked Solo/Duo) would lead to a deteriorated experience for players in queue times and matchmaking. The trade was that players could no longer play with position select in a non-ranked queues, which we heard loud and clear some of you weren’t happy about. **Why are we turning Normal Draft back on?** We’ve been monitoring boards and other communications platforms very closely here in Europe. We’ve seen and heard your frustration around the decision to turn Normal Draft off. Some of the points that were raised include: * Blind Pick is not a good substitution for Normal Draft * Some players only like to play Normals. Removing Normal Draft restricts the way in which these players can enjoy League of Legends. * Normal Draft often serves as a less competitive environment to ranked play, where you can try new champions and builds etc * EUNE players should have the same queues available to them as EUW players A few things have changed since we launched Ranked Flex and Solo/Duo. We’ve seen participation in these queues settle into a healthy place. We’ve also greatly improved the viability of queues with position select through autofill and a few other features, which means there does not need to be as many players in queue overall to maintain acceptable matchmaking times and match fairness. **The plan going forward** With the reintroduction of Normal Draft, we’ll be actively monitoring queue health on both Normal Draft and Ranked Flex. This means that we’ll be looking at the amount of players playing in each queue and what way they decide to queue up (solo, duo, trio etc) to understand any changes in queue times and the quality of matchmaking. Be sure to keep an eye on the [queue health update]( in our patch notes. If we see a degraded play experience, we’ll look at introducing some fixes to alleviate this, but there is the possibility that we may have to remove Normal Draft or adjust settings in Ranked Flex. We’ll be sure to communicate here on boards, ahead of time, any changes that we’re looking to implement which will affect the queues on EUNE.
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