Clash Beta issues - 15 Dec

Hey everyone, Thank you for hanging in there with us on the first day of the Clash Beta! We saw a number of issues during the first day’s test on EUW. Here’s what’s coming next, and a little more context into what happened below: **Next steps** - Everyone who played - or got past the roster screen - during the tournament will have all Tickets used during Friday’s games returned to their Competitive tab. - We are going to completely restart the beta tournament on EUW, including roster creation and all brackets. The new Lock-In Phase will resume on Saturday 16th December @ 19:00 GMT where everyone will enter into an 8-team bracket, with Sunday 17th’s games continuing on to a 16-team bracket. - Everyone on EUW will keep any rewards they have earned so far **More info** We saw a number of technical breakdowns during Friday’s games, and here’s a basic rundown of what happened for each: > Not entering into champ select / Waiting a long time to get into scouting phase / Champ select bugs/freezes / Bracket issues (not facing correct teams, or being kicked out of brackets altogether) / Stuck in queue - All of these issues were down to a hardware error which was causing brackets and rosters to duplicate. Some teams were being pulled into separate (identical) brackets, and this caused some matches to fail. - This was overall the biggest issue and what caused us to make the call for the tournament to be rescheduled. If we continued with the tournament the results and rewards would have become more and more broken as teams progressed. > Not being able to enter/set Tickets - This had a few root causes, including players gifting each other Tickets ahead of time and thus being unable to increase their entry. We’re still monitoring but this one should be resolved now. > Scouting data not loading - We saw there were some delays on getting scouting data - with many players requesting the scouting info at once, this hit our match history service pretty hard and limited the amount of info we could show at once. > Unable to leave teams This was a major bug we found. The workaround for being stuck in an inactive team is as follows: - Have your captain kick any player. - If you are the captain, kick a player. - If there isn't another player on your team, invite one. Then make them the captain and have them kick you. - If your captain is AFK, the lockout will last until all tournament matches are done for that day. This is a messy workaround but we’re hoping this helps folks held hostage in rosters. We’re sorry the beta has been a little messy, but we’re actively working on a lot of the issues. Keep the feedback coming, and we really hope you can help us test more on Saturday.
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