Tell us your Ranked 2018 stories!

Hi all, Riot Whiski here from the EU Publishing team. Time is running out on the 2018 Ranked season! {{champion:26}} November 12th is your last day to push for rewards, or even just hit a personal goal. The pressure of Ranked can be stressful but it helps to realise that we’re all in the struggle together, doing our best to overcome the same challenges. We want to hear stories from European (EUW or EUNE) players of your Ranked adventures from this season. Feel free to choose one of the following prompts. If your story doesn’t fit any of them but is still worth sharing, we’d love to hear it regardless! The more detail and situational colour you can provide, the better. Take us on an adventure. * Describe a moment during the 2018 Ranked season when you felt hardstuck in a particular tier or division and were tempted to give up but managed to push through and battle your way to a higher point on the ladder. * If you just started playing Ranked this season for the first time, describe the circumstances that inspired you to finally take the plunge and how you’ve adjusted to League’s most intensely competitive queue. * If you managed to significantly improve your rank this season, tell us in detail about the process you used to unlock that potential and enhance your performance. Inspire us! * If you have a friend that you duo with on a regular basis, tell us about how your relationship has developed and what why you enjoy playing Ranked with that person. * Are you part of a five-person team that plays Ranked Flex together with on a regular basis? Tell us about the challenges you’ve faced together in 2018 and how you’ve overcome them in the journey to achieving your competitive goals. Either post them below or send your entries (along with summoner name and server) to **Wordcount:** 100-250 words **Deadline:** November 5th, 2018 We’ll publish a selection of entries next week!
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