Hello guys! I`m curious why ARAM is so unfair last 4 months. What I mean, some games pick for some of the teams is INVINCIBLE (ex. Lux, Brand, Graves, Blitz, Cassio), so my question is, how is supposed to play vs this team with champs like - Master Yi, Irelia, Cait, Nunu and Taric. I think you should rework ARAM. Noone like to play vs champs who are so strong and especially when they are only CC. The pleasure from ARAM disapear last few months. I just want give you a suggestion - rework ARAM and every team can choose champs in the order - 2 tanks, 2 adc 1 AP if someone reroll let it be reroll from the same category champ. It`s fairplay and more interesting.
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