Silver V asks for help

Hi! Sorry that this is a very long message but I hope at least some people will read it :) I'm wondering if I'm that bad or it is just a bad luck. Honestly, I don't remember when I've won my last ranked. I was in promotion match to Silver IV and after that lost, I'm slowly falling down to 0 LP. I'm peaceful and tilt-proof, I always thank when someone helps me. I'm also trying to help when I have free time in lane (I play on every line beside jungle), I'm trying to play safe without risking my life in a stupid way. But something always is happening: someone is AFK, someone is feeding, some junglers refuse to help. I know that I'm not the best player and I'm trying not to feed but it is impossible to be alive when someone from other line comes to you and kills you with one shot, right? I had only one game in this series of failures when I can confess that I've fed a lot, but I just lost my mind, I had this stupid feeling that I can kill fed guy (I couldn't :) ). So is it some sort of payment for feeding in that one game? Is this my punishment: losing over and over? Funny thing that I'm always losing on Summoner's Rift but most of the matches on Howling Abyss are usually won. But I'm not here to sorrow or ask you for advice (I've watched a lot of videos on YouTube with advices how to get out of silver, how to more easily win ranked, etc.). I just want someone to play with me. Someone who can see how I play and help me to achieve Gold V. I don't care that much about my rank, but I care about fair matches (5v5, friendly) and winning. The winning makes me feel good, not being in high elo (besides that, I'm too bad to be in high elo and I know it. Achieving Gold V is like Challenger for me, this is my highest goal). Will someone help me? The most important thing for me is to be nice. I don't care about people who are great but are mad about every mistake. I'm doing my best! :) Also I think this is a good opportunity to make friends. I don't have friends in the League, I play only solo. Maybe someone has silimar problem to mine? We can help each other to climb to the higher divisions. Everyone knows that being friendly is very important, maybe even on the same level of importance like being a good at playing. Can I count on you? :)

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