No Point Playing ADC anymore Bye Bye League of legends

Never posted here, my 1st time might be in wrong section sorry if that's the case. Basically i have been playing league for about a year and im gold 2 on main and i've gotta say im giving up on this game so pointless. Ive recently started playing league again im not the best player but Botlane is dictated by draven , if you play draven you win if you dont you lose, he can simply stand still auto attacking at lv 1 and win vs anyone , he can build full lifesteal whilst doing more damage than any champ with even infinity edge and a second item. there's no way to win against any draven who knows even slightly how to play adc its math. He has way more damage than any ad or champ even vayne late game totally broken... literally just maths My 1st game draven 38, 2 , 22 but hes just so boring and dumb to play, i hate it i like lucian, vayne, ezreal, caitlyn even i admit these champions can be oppressive and vayne op somewhat in the late but draven has destroyed this game i have never seen anything more legit broken in my life in a game than draven. ok fine the noob tube from mm2 was pretty dumb but nothing as totally op as draven. i imagine its different high elo where bot is dictated by jungles but idc fix draven maybe i will make a new account after that .. Please flame, disagree tell me its a team game, say there's counter match ups idfc im out such a pointless game where skill mechanics knowledge or just no longer required you just pick the meta ad with meta build and right click. P.s his axes are a piece of piss to catch nothing compared to the mechanics required to play kallista efficiently for example and he isnt nearly rewarded in damage for the mechanics. like if his axes were skill shots then fine ... ok but there not you just press q and now your fed and you out damage anything... English isn't first language sorry bye league community :)
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