The premade system in solo q is hyperbroken for ages..

Hello everyone. As the title says the premade system in solo q is hyper broken.. The gap between 2 players that can go duo is very big in the terms of skill. It is one of the best ways for elo boosting and it creates almost always unfair games. There are a lot of people that climb by going duo with tier and above difference friend.. You need to fix this. Anything above 2-3 divisions difference leads to unblalanced games.. For example a plat 3 dude decides to go premade with his gold 4 friend that wants to play mid.. The gold 4 gets a plat 3 main midlaner and he gets snowballed and abused by the opponent mid and jungle too.. Another example a guy gold 3 in his promos goes premade with his silver 4 friend and he get silver 2-1 opponent.. Aint that broken as hell?
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