the 5min bot game 250xp question

Someone told me that going bots and doing it in like 5min you get 250 xp and ur WIN xp boost doesnt get consumed, but can someone tell me the timer, wtf did I get 0 xp here in last one, is it 6:35? [match history]( **update:** 5:23 gave me 0 xp, maybe it's 5:30 - 6:30, gotta try more whoever has win xp boosts, add 'get poached' and 'me jñg' euw Ok there's a lv140 guy, that appereantly got banned, anyway, he's not banned anymore and was playing 5-6min games, and now currently plays 8min games for some reason, was he banned cuz it was some sort of exploit or maybe they fixed it now and you cant get any more xp this way? idk, still gotta test the 6min mark and see for myself looks like it was an exploit, and it got fixed a day ago :/ ggwp

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