Favorite champion system setup!

In your profile for champions, I'd wish for there to be a way to mark which ones are my 'favorites'. How is this gonna make a change other than being favorites? Here, this is the setup I have come up with to make the favorites marking useful: Different icons will be available for each possible role, example - Malphite {{champion:54}} stands foremost as a 'tank' champion, so therefore a TANK favorite icon to be available, however, since Malphite is an Ability Power using champion which alters the color of the tank icon to be 'blue' (so far as I know it'd stand for 'magic'). BUT if the player decide to play Malphite as the cathegory FIGHTER, the icon changes to a BLUE FIGHTER icon instead of TANK icon. (I will use more examples to enhance what I mean) Each role provide with a different icon and a different color, but the core colors would be put available for those with the following roles: - AP Support - Topaz (like Soraka, Sona, Nami etc) - Mage - Amethyst (I am sure you can figure this bit) - Tank Support/fighter - Emerald (Leona, Alistar, Blitzcrank for instance) - AD Jungle - Amber / AP Jungle - Amethyst - AD Fighter/Offtank - Ruby AP Fighter/Mage - Amethyst - Marksman - Peridot The favorite system would be available through champion select, having an alternate tab for you to click which set of champions you want to show, and the ones marked with your FAVORITE icon, will be easier to spot. I do question the setup towards Assassins though, if they shall have their own color too, or go along with these already suggested. As much as we all have our favorites, it'd make sense we also have those we outmost hate, so it wouldn't go past me for there to be a DISLIKE option, which can make it easier for us to find the champions we really hate and want to put as NR1 on our ban list in Ranked matches or Draft Pick.

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