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( sorry guys, I posted this discussion in wrong sub-section, because i thought this is feedback for League of legends over all [Rioters move this discussion in right place please] ) Hello, so I really like this new champion mastery thing and I have few questions and suggestions. Did you know that we are going to get mastery tier 6 and 7? So I am now wondering what champion titles we are gonna get from them. For example Assassins at mastery tier 5 is called Slayers. So what are the assassins, fighters, mages, marksmans, supports and tanks mastery tier 6 and 7 titles? Do we get more than 7 champion mastery tiers? If so, I expect champion mastery 10 to be last tier. I have suggestion to tier 10. I think that onyx ( black diamond and banner [Not just pitch black, it would be boring, add some colors with black ]) would be so cool for it. Do we get skins for reward? ( I don't mean those skins that everybody can buy with RP, for example Buccaneer Tristana ) That would be great too to get skins, because that's something that people WILL see. The skins will get recognizable, but there is a bit of work. ( 125 skins, one for every champion :c ). The skins would be so cool, that players want to get them and it's one more goal for them. People want to show they are good with their champions, people want to brag about it. Players needs goals. For example, if I play Skyrim and I reach my goals, the game will become boring. I don't mean that people will get bored without that update, ( I have played this game for 4 years without champion mastery), but I am pretty sure, many of the players will just log in to get their accounts, just to level up their champions and try to get that skin for their main champion. I think that this would be funny additional goal for people, who's reaching level 30 OR who's climbing in ranked, but this would be very VERY nice for people, who is level 30, but too scared to join ranked games/is level 30, but training in normals, because there is no goals ( there is goal if you are learning for the rankeds ) - So when you reach the highest tier you could buy skin for that champion for RP or IP -The skins doesn't have to be very detailed, skins could be like just white-blue or gold-blue and the skins would be called Diamond Nidalee ( examples ) or Gold Nidalee ( maybe both? eh.. ) -This would be copying from Smite, but this doesn't have to be identically the same, Id like if this differs from smite a little bit What about skin where is your Role Title? Example: Slayer Nidalee or Destroyer Riven ( not that Role Title from tier 5, the Role Title from tier 7, I just don't know it yet ) I personally like Diamond-Gold skin idea more. I drop picture for example for this Diamond-Gold skin system. At this point I am scared that no one will read this {{item:3151}} MORE QUESTIONS: What is the reward from champion mastery tier 6 and 7? ( other than: Custom Emote, Loading Screen Badge, Announcement Banner, Role Title ) and as I asked before, what kind of Role Titles we will get? : / When we ( maybe only me {{item:3151}} ) get more information about the champion mastery? Do we get something else to loading screen other than Loading Screen Border? This is hard do explain, but when you go to your profile, there is that mystic guy with a grey beard. The picture, where you can check your ARAM Rerolls and First Win of the Day bonus available, your summoner icon, your summoner name and your level. Do we get Reward that makes it cooler? That old guy is bad ass but still, I rather watch my main champion there or something like that :) Icons from ultimate skins replace that guy, but I just want to know, could it be possible to get something else to it? Like if you have Warring Kingdoms Nidalee skin, you could replace that picture with that skin? ( replace old guy to your skin you own[ if you have high champion mastery tier]) Do we get icons from mastery tiers? If there is somewhere discussion about champion mastery, let me know because I want to read it :) Feel free to share with your friends and comment, I feel abandoned if no one comments :D Thank you a lot for reading all this, I love you, even tho I don't know you :) EDIT: Picture isn't the best, atleast I tried
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