about AFKs and Defeats #riotpls

So, I just played a ranked game on EU West servers. And, as always, someone left in the middle of the game without saying anything. So, I thought "alright, let's buy a trinity force and win this 4v5". It turned out as a defeat, because it is really hard to win a 4v5 when the enemy fiora has been fed by the leaver. I always get really angry, when i see series ruined because of a leave. It obviously wasn't anyones fault to lose (except the leaver's of course) and the enemy team didn't play good at all! So, i just asked myself, why isn't Riot doing anything about it? Sure, the leaver buster is there but it doesn't help at all. You probably never meet that guy again. And your Points are still lost? So why doesn't Riot introduce a system, that finds out how long the player left the game or was AFK and when he left for more then 5 minutes or something like that, the game won't be counted as a loss. The enemies will still get their points. But it's just no ones fault if team members leave and it can really destroy the fun of this pretty awesome game pretty fast. The community and the way Riot is treating the Community problems is the reason why so many stop play LoL. Big Events and those cute sentences in the loading screens **do not help!** Get down your thrown and understand the problems of your community, riot. Don't only punish the leavers, also indemnify the victims of the leavers, their team mates. It's like in a good legal system like most western nations have. You have the Criminal Court and the Civil Court. Here, in the nation of LoL, the Civil Court is missing completely. Sadly. I appeal to you, ** change this please**. I hope, my bad English is no problem for you guys. Please comment of what you think about this. Do you agree or disagree? Thanks, the King of Elohell UPDATE: Just played two games and got back into series; won the first one and who could imagine that? A leaver from minute one. I don't know if this game simply hates me or if I'm totally unlucky...
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