you know what i hate about this URF compared to the last URF ?

the faster leveling and gold attainability. this caused games to be much much much much more snowbally than before. in this urf every one gets to level 14-16 at minute 18 and and usually they get 3-4 full main items. every one gets two shotted before minute 15 . and if you reach minute 25 every one is between level 20-25 which makes them more tanky than before. Each game one team snowballs hard while the other is losing harder. compared to before snowballing was not as hard as this one. also the numbering is far too annoying . every one has their hp like 850k or 3200k wtf? now i cant even know how much damage im dealing and just makes it very confusing even when i life steel(lol i healed for 754561 but i only got 3% of my hp) why dont they just make it simply like last urf? without the complicated bs they add. my input.... the only change that i really really like is the direct healing change. other than that im kinda disspointed. still i would play more urf then normals for some reason.
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