Pool Party Diana

Picture this Ladies, Gents and Yordles: Cosmetics: Foam Noodle as a weapon Snorkeling mask Rubber armbands Flippers All in one bikini or full body swimsuit whichever gets more attention from the community (wink wink) Abilities/Animations: Q animation would be a gush of water W animation would be orbs of water surrounding Diana E animation would be Diana doing a cannonball thus creating the current bringing enemies towards her R animation she would dash at enemies with a splash of water behind her Backing Animation: Diana looks around below her feet with the water sparkling back at her like it would if the light hits it at the right angle then she's dragged under thus ending back at spawn. Please comment whether this seems like a good idea that riot should think about for next years pool party line up :D Props to Missteffie for our late night ideas xD
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