Sellable champions

Greetings community! You know, as much as I love trying out new champions and spending my IP to buy one, I do consider that the 'refund' time is to be TOO SHORT. But mainly this thread I want to be about actually selling back some champions I REALLY don't want to have on my list anymore. So therefore I want help with creating a few potential useful ways for this to happen. Here is a suggestion myself: Aside from the full refund that is already implemented, there should be something fit for champions that is still there at a later date, and champions which you perhaps really DON'T WANT to have anymore. Suggestively a champion that cost someone 6300 IP but doesn't want or like anymore, get sold for 25% in profit. *Mutters something about getting {{champion:7}} and {{champion:28}} in Aram.. *
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