9.22 Connection problem

Server: EUW Type of bug: Client Details: This started a couple of days ago when randomly i kept getting the Reconnect to league of legends error. so it connected after 3 seconds and i went to play a match just for the same error to carry on. i thought it was my internet but my internet was running well, so i create a lobby and next to the game modes are the red warning signs with no description, i ignore it and create a lobby and invite my friend who joins, we start waiting in the queue and my friend gets the Accept thing pop up but i don't and then it says i ran out of time and i couldn't press "Find Match". it said "Players are not ready" with my name there, so i messed about with it and no improvement, i went from turning off my ipv6 to going on my CMD and nothing it only started working with my VPN which was weird. anyways now its doing the same thing and even with my VPN
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