So i was playing on my main account yesterday and i decided to play ranked because i improved in normals ( im iron 3) and i go top with my main garen and i GET MATCHED UP WITH THIS NOOB CHAMPION VLADIMIR, and i said to myself: this will be easy gg. I didnt understand the matchup because i have never played against that thing vladimir AND LIKE WHAT THE FRICK PEEPE!!!! HE HEALED LIKE CRAZY HE USED HACKS ALL OVER AT 10 MINUTES HE HAD 59 CS THATS NOT POSSIBLE LIKE WHAT THE FRICKK!!! Im tired of theese hackers always in ranked please riot BAN THEESE HACKERS!!! I cant take this anymore i was crying and punching myself. And on top of that hacking he had an item which is new to the game protobelt and he somehow got it even if its only avivable for youtubers i dont know how but he got it and i bought 2 ludenas echo and even boots ( that i rarely buy) and i still couldnt even counter it. My brother and his friends and my sister often play with me they are platinum and they are good and told me to buy those items but then i didnt do demage to him because he had HACKS!! HELP
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