Riot crashed the servers again with Clash...

It's a joke now. Such a big company can't even handle the events they programmed. Crashed me in-game, in-client and mostly everywhere related to the game. Can't even invite neither play the game. Who needs to invest money onto new servers so they can host major events? Riot needs to get a grip on what they're doing. It's not like they haven't noticed what went wrong with the first time, they did it again and this time I can't even do anything. Shame. I can't even play clash, because I got banned, but I can't play the game, because other people are playing Clash and overloading the servers? Yeah, seems fair. EDIT 1: Everyone, post something in Boards making Riot give us some sort of reward to make up for this shit. This can't happen again and it's been a %%%%ing joke what they've been doing recentely. EDIT 2: I honestely hate the lack of concern that Riot has with this issues. Not even an hextech key/chest. Just nothing.
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