FPS drops still happening between minute 5 and 10

Okay, before y'all say anything, My Computer is pretty decent and runs the game at 140 FPS the thing is , between minute 5 and 10 (let's say around 8 or 7) the FPS drops from 140 to 0! It lasts longer than 30 seconds and it's ruining my early game! (thankfully i won the 3 ranked games today with those begginer FPS drops) Yes, the FPS drop happens ONLY at that time stamp and i can't find the reason behind it, i even checked on Task Manager, doesn't look like anything is disturbing the game (I turned on the option where Client is Off while you're in-game). Yes, my Graphics are up-to-date with the updates. No, The FPS drop doesn't happen anywhere else except minute 5-10 mark. No, Riot won't fix that until they introduce us with the "New Client" in which i hope will Improve the Client and make the FPS drops disappear. So, anyone else getting these Drops? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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