Some Mordekaiser Bugs

First of all i think the new Mordekaiser is really fun to play, really good job by rito again <3 which makes it kinda sad that he feels a bit unpolished sometimes. 1. A small thing : If u backport with W active or shortly after W the Backportanimation just bugs (the thing on the ground appears but morde isnt moving at all, looks silly) 2. Only shortly before Death Realm runs out: His Q damage gets cancelled if u start the animation shortly before the ult runs out. Dont really know why this would be a thing(in a mirror matchup this works the same way when u enter death realm, animation shows but the enemy doesnt get damaged). I mean he still slams his massive mace to the ground so enemies should get damaged i think? 3. And the most annoying one: Bushes/invisible champs counter his ult. Why? Ult is not instant so what happens is: Mordekaiser casts ult -> enemy walks out of vision before he enters death realm -> nothing happens BUT STILL SOMEHOW Ult is on CD. Atleast fix it so Ult doesnt go on CD feels really stupid because i dont think any other point n click ult got this interaction. Not a native english speaker btw. sry but i tried. Got no Videoproof (dont know much about that), but these things happened ALOT like REALLY ALOT in just 4 games (especially with talon in enemy team my Ult got cancelled like 5 times in one game)
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