Qiyana - Q with Brush and no exiting stealth bonus [a bug?]

why Q with Brush (that gives invisibility) - doesn't count to rune Sudden Impact - "exiting stealth" - it should count toward additional lethality/magic penetration, shouldn't it? https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Sudden_Impact " Passive: Going in combat by affecting an enemy champion within 3 seconds of using a dash, blink or Teleport Teleport, or **_exiting _**from Twilight Shroud old2 **_invisibility_ **or Ambush 2 camouflage, grants 7 Lethality (4.36 āˆ’ 7 (based on level) armor penetration) and 6 Magic Penetration for the next 5 seconds. **_If the triggering effect deals damage it will also benefit from the penetration._** Cooldown 4 (on expiration) seconds " So every time I use Q with Brush I should get the lethality for that dmg that starts the rune -> then in the next 5s every attack should get it too. It doesn't happen. Am i missing something?
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