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_**Before I start this, please. If you're experiencing the same problem, don't ignore it. Post a reply or upvote this, It'll be the best/fastest way to get attention.**_ Since the 9.17 Patch, me and a bunch of other players have started getting this bug every. time. We're about to get into a game, practice tool, ARAM, TFT Normals & Ranked. 100% of the time. Virtually making the game unplayable. At first I thought this might've been a system issue, but it definetly can be ruled out as I've performed every and all steps to make sure that it isn't. Including testing this on a different computer, reinstalling windows, reinstalling league on a different drive (HDD & SSD) only to produce the same exact result, as TFT has been getting more attention I highly doubt this will be addressed this Patch. Or even noticed. But I hope it does, quite frustrating that I'm not able to play a game I've enjoyed for a good couple of years. Users on Reddit & other forms of social media have also been complaining about this, there are also a TON of videos & guides on how to bypass it. None work.. So I've decided to make this post, hopefully It'll get the attention it deserves and gets a hotfix.
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