Kled Q, W and R bugs

sometimes when you try to Q (either Q) a jumping champ (Jax Q, Zac E, Trist W etc.) the Q will miss when it clearly went through them this is game-breaking and can get you killed and it denies kills! Ranking up W while using it = no 4th hit extra damage, I think the rank up while using W resets the ability which requires another 4 hits, but because there are 3 and fewer hits on W remaining you can't proc the 4th hit. speaking of which, auto attacking before W goes off cooldown by like 0.5 seconds or less (i don't know the exact time) will activate your W with 4 hits remaining, you basically activated your W for no reason, which can be annoying also sometimes Kled's R does no damage. I don't know how to activate this but it happens so often! this bug only happened since 7.24B like hell Riot just please fix Kled! ######i have reported the bugs via client bug report

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