Lets talk: Pumpkin Cat - Gone Missing

I recently lost my cat, his name is Pumpkin Cat, I bought him to place him to protect me and watch out for all the junglers roaming around, letting him charm them with his cuteness. But sadly he's gone missing, I've included a link of a picture of him. Please help me find him, just contact me on the client - Add: Kuro Nekoshi - Or leave a comment below, thank you for reading, hope you can help me find my cat. As for the actual bug report, as you can see here, I do own the skin, according to the loot at least. https://gyazo.com/060e39c9f40ad7c95a23e0f19cd37df3 But as you can see here I don't own it according to Collection -> Wards - in fact, it's not even there. https://gyazo.com/e71d4e572198f085fc8d35e7971cf0d6
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