Rek'Sai Tunnel Bug

Rek'Sai Tunnel Bug
Tunnel Bug. cant be destroyed by stepping on it (not shown in the video) can last forever, doesnt take tunnel stacks (can make 8 more additional to this one) and is functional completely.
Hey everyone, I just finished a game where i had a bug with Rek'Sai tunnel. i pressed E and while the tunnel was partially made, Evelyn killed me. The result was a tunnel that had one opening only, and couldn't be destroyed at all. Olaf (my opponent in lane) tried to step on it (not shown in the video due to him not wanting to help me at all) and it didn't get destroyed. also the tunnel couldn't be destroyed by waiting for it to get destroyed (bug with the tunnel timer) and was functional for everything else. i could enter the tunnel, i could ult into it, but nothing could destroy it.

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