A row of 7 dead pixels in a random location, only in League of Legends (from what I have noticed)

Type of bug: In-game Server: EUW Recreation: The only way I know how to recreate it is simply by lanching a game and playing for a while. It seems to happen more often in games with A.I. in them, but this could be coincidence. This bug occurs on multiple devices on multiple accounts. Details: On a random moment in the game, 7 pixels which seem to be dead appear on the screen. They are in the format of [Deadpixel, 2 normal pixel, deadpixel, etc.] horiontally. They come after a while, stay a while and disappear after a random amout of time. Multiple sets can occur at the same time without having any form of relation with each other. When I alt tab, the pixels show everything fine until I alt tab back into the game. Restarting the game (temporarily) fixes this issue. It could be a GPU driver related issue, but I can not remember any updates in the past one to two weeks. Specs: Core i5 4670 24 GB DDR3 ram MSI GTX 970 - 4GB (latest drivers, not optimized through Geforce Experience - used to be fine) Windows 10 any screen The video shown is the only video I have. The quality is poor but it should do the job. I will provide a better video when I get the chance.
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