[8.20] - Ghost poro makes Taliyahs worked ground invisible

Title: [8.20] - Ghost poro makes Taliyahs worked ground invisible Server: EUW Match Details (GameIDs): 3793756810, 3793699051, 3792795858, 3793332677 Type of Bug: In-Game Details: When using the ghost poro rune, one of the worked grounds of Taliyah turns invisible. You can see it again when you're standing upon it and it works as usual. Video: [https://youtu.be/jiReOklDPoI](https://youtu.be/jiReOklDPoI) Reproduction steps: 1. Create a rune page with ghost poro 2. Play Taliyah in a game (tested already in Ranked Solo/Duo, Custom and Practice Mode) 3. Use your Q. 4. Enter a brush and let your trinket change to ghost poro. 5. Look after the worked ground. Expected result: (if the game would run bug-free) the worked ground is still visible (unless the timer for it ran out) Observed result: the worked ground is not visible, stepping upon it, shows it again whilst standing upon it. Reproduction rate: 10/10 If you have used multiple Qs, leaving the brush turns another worked ground invisible. Tested with Taliyah Base Skin and SSG Taliyah.

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