I am min 30 + and i have lag on wi-fi 3000 ms ,as idk why my wi-fi %%%% me hard even if i have fiber power into home connection and no one use it ... , i switch from wi-fi on rj-45 cable and it takes 3 years to reconnect , it was so buggy that i couldn't do anything to reconnect and help my team even after 3-4 minuts the client didn't reconnect shit is real.... thank you Riot ,shit happens but your fu1241 game can't reconnect me to the game anymore ,all the reconnect mechanics have issues in implement , even client had , now you fix client reconnect when you loss internet , but you can't fix the reconnct in-game ????? I had wi-fi connection , and just plug in my cable rj-45 ,and the in-game reconnect window appeard inside game ,but it took forever to reconnect me and this is because of 0 f1241 code into that... ,you really not care about the fact some people switch from wi-fi to Rj-45 or you just ignore that when you program that reconnect function.
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