Riot Stop Working On Champions and on Skins !

Hey Everyone. Today I need to say that or no one will talk about that . 1. Why Riot Not Fixing His Servers 2. Why Riot Not Fixing His Clients Server And Client Its Different things. Bugs On Servers Or its in Clients. (Clients does'nt knows about that because Riot Doesnt Answering us and keep telling its problem by Your ISP) 1. Lag Spikes. (Very Big PING (MS) (Going into 5000-1000!) its a normal ? 2. Very Glitchy FPS drops. (From 200-100 to 30-0) (Its just killing game, Thats why people Stops playing) 3. Emote Errors (still there) 4. Riot Not answering and Still working on champions and Skins. ( Its a fixes for Lags or "FPS drops" ?) "Fps drops" still there. Why Riot not answering to their clients. Cleints are Trying to help to Riot and telling about Lags,FPS drops and etc. But Riot Keep telling about our ISP. P.S Im sorry If i was really toxic. BEST REGARDS! boyfromlegends. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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