CDR per lvl glyphs not showing properly on new client (or old ?)

Hey everybody ! So I bought new rune pages to take advantage of the ongoing sale, and I noticed that my rune pages that used to give me 10.02% CDR at lvl 18 (6 tier 3 CDR per level glyphs) now only showed as giving me 9.7%. Switching back to the old client, there it still says that the rune pages should give 10.02%. Legacy Client : New Client : So I did some math to try and figure out what was going on. First off the runes themselves say : 0.09% per lvl (1.67% at lvl 18) on **both clients** Doing a quick multiplication : 0.09 x 18 = 1.62. So the runes should only be giving 1.62, not 1.67 like they say. Unless the 0.09 is a rounded down number (0.092777... would be the theoretical exact value) The old client uses the 1.67% directly to calculate how much you'll have, it does : 1.67 x 6 = 10.02 The new client uses 0.09, which gives us : 0.09 x 18 x 6 = 9.72 One of two things is wrong : Either the runes themselves have a miscalculation on them, and the legacy client uses the resulting error to calculate CDR, therefore amplifying it, and the new client shows us the correct value, or the runes present a rounded down value, and the exact number is known by the legacy client, which uses it during it's calculation, meaning that the new client does not know the exact value of the runes, only uses the rounded down number attributed to them, and is wrong. TLDR : Legacy client either can't do math or is given information that the new client does not have in order to perform a calculation. I don't know which hypothesis is correct, but given how long runes have been around, the new client not knowing the hidden value of the runes seems more likely than the runes being wrong. In any case it should be looked into, for clarity's sake. Thank you for reading !

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