Loading Screen haunting me!

So, Lately i've been with a big problem, and from what i've seen i'm not the only one... The loading screen is haunting me. I reached a point that i'm afraid to play Rankeds because the loading screen is just buggy! Sometimes it goes full blackscreen without even showing the borders, sometimes (what is happening often now) it all loads normally, i get to 100% but suddenly the game just closes for no reason at all, and then the "Reconnect" button only appears after 1-2 mins. Now imagine this: My computer is not bad, but it isnt a beast too, it has his slow moments and it gets to the point that i even have to close and open the lol client ending the process in the task manager. And guess what? When i come back my team already made a Remake, which is normal because i would do the same... Right now i have a 5 low priority queue games with 10 mins of extra time. How do i feel? Not okay, i don't think this is fair because if it's a game bug i shouldnt be punished at all. I also lost my first promo game to plat 5 due to this, it was a remake because i couldn't connect in time. And no it's not my problem, my computer is fresh since i formatted it 3 days ago and no hardware problems.
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